Are online slot games predetermined? Know everything here

One of the common questions that gamers have, when they opt for online casino games, is whether the bonuses they receive are predetermined or not. The simple answer to this is, some casinos predetermine bonuses and some don't. Brands like onlinecasino4 take a lot of care to ensure players get a fair deal at winning bonuses.

What are predetermined slots?

Imagine playing a slot game and you end up with a bonus round. There are few symbols on the screen and you have to pick one. In a undetermined game, each symbol reveals a different prize. In a predetermined bonus round, whichever symbol you pick, the bonus you get will remain the same.

  1. Manufacturers decide if a game bonus is predetermined or not
  2. Casinos do not reveal the same to players
  3. It is not easy the first time to know if the bonus is random or predetermined

It is not illegal to predetermine bonuses in a game. Many gaming software providers do this. This only means that you think you control the amount of bonus you receive and it is not true. You cannot blame your luck for getting a minimum bonus. Whichever symbol you may have picked, the result would have been the same.

What are undetermined slots?

These have bonus features that are controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG). A Random Number Generator picks up random numbers and choices for you and the outcome cannot be controlled by anyone other than the software. When you receive a bonus round, you are shown a variety of symbols or choices.

Let's assume you pick one symbol. You receive a $10 bonus for it. In this case, your bonus was decided by your luck. If you had picked the symbol next to the one you chose, you could have received a $100 bonus amount. Another symbol may have given you 10 free rounds!

Which is better - undetermined or predetermined slot games?

No one can tell you one mode is better than the other. For those players who assume every action that happens on the screen is because of their effort and luck, the fact that a bonus round may be predetermined can be slightly off-putting. It might mean that personal efforts don't matter. You win what is already decided.

However, an advantage of predetermined bonuses can be that if the software has decided you win a certain amount or free spins, nothing can stop you from getting that. In spite of whichever symbol you press, you are going to win the bonus. This makes it slightly safer for the player instead of depending only on luck.

How to know whether a slot game is predetermined or not?

As a beginner gamer, it is not very easy to know whether the bonus rounds in the slot game you choose is predetermined or not. However, it is not impossible. Talk to a more experienced fellow gamer. He/she may be able to tell you how the bonus rounds work. Another great tip is to follow the below steps.

  • Once you reach the bonus round, click on the symbols.
  • Check what the symbols reveal
  • See if you can find what else you have missed on the unopened boxes

In simple terms, an undetermined game will also open the unchosen symbols and show you what bonuses you have missed. A pre-determined game will not do that. You will only see what you have won and not understand what other options the bonus symbols had hidden. Use this method to find out if your game is predetermined.

Does predetermined or undetermined slot games matter?

In truth, a player does not have to worry too much about finding whether a slot bonus is predetermined or undetermined. End of the day, a Random Number Generator machine uses exceptional statistics and math to understand how much a player will invest and how much is the right payoff for the person.

Randomly generated bonuses come with time as you keep playing. Predetermined bonuses reach you no matter how you play and what you choose on the bonus screens. The best advice here would be to forget this issue and play your slot game happily and with excitement. End of the day, playing the game matters more than winning.

Last modified: 22 July 2021